What We Do

Whether you’re looking for DIY marketing strategies that are tailored to your business, or you want experts to take care of all the marketing “stuff” for you, Marketing ER can help. Our marketing medics provide the following results-driven online marketing services.

SEO and Local Search

As a small local business, you might feel like you can’t wrestle with the big fish in the SEO pool. But with a local SEO strategy, we can convert your small and local “disadvantage” into a Google advantage – like getting the private room at the public hospital. It’s all about finding the right strategy. Which is where Marketing ER comes in. We help you tackle the local SEO beast by:


  • Writing, coordinating and managing social media content for local pages.
  • Implementing link-building following safe and effective best practice.
  • Elevating your visibility in local searches with sensible SEO strategies.

Online Marketing Strategy

Web and social media marketing isn’t a mystical art. At Marketing ER, we assist you with easy-to-understand and easy-to-implement online marketing strategies tailored to your business. Using proven techniques and the latest in best practice, we help you enjoy increased quality traffic, qualified leads, and conversions with a results-driven health plan for your business.

  • Digital strategy development focused on your target market.
  • Content marketing strategies to drive traffic, leads, and customers to you.
  • SEO strategies to attract more visitors to your site.
  • Copywriting strategies to develop compelling offers and targeted calls to action.
  • Email list building to grow your subscriber base and nurture subscribers into repeat customers.

Marketing Analytics

Some marketing strategies work. Others don’t. At Marketing ER, we help you identify which of your marketing activities are driving your business goals, and which ones aren’t getting you anywhere.

That way, you’ll know where to concentrate your marketing spend for maximum return, so your marketing resembles targeted laser surgery rather than randomly stabbing in the dark. We do this by:

  • Forecasting, measuring, and analysing your performance.
  • Evaluating your marketing campaigns and channels.
  • Making recommendations for targeted marketing strategies.
  • Identifying key numbers and metrics you need to measure.
  • Providing easy-to-understand data to improve your marketing decision making.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is an important marketing tool. But are you leveraging it to full potential for your business? At Marketing ER, we create tailored social media strategies designed to increase engagement and deliver more conversions. From diagnosis to treatment through to management and monitoring, we help you take care of your social media strategy with our marketing first aid.

  • Identify the right social media platforms for your business and clients.
  • Set up and manage multiple social media accounts and channels.
  • Implement automated systems to make social media sharing easy.
  • Maximise paid advertising opportunities with advanced audience targeting.
  • Analyse your social media analytics and adjust your strategy accordingly.

Web Copywriting

If you’ve ever tried to write a website yourself, you’ll know that, like trying to stitch up a wound on your own elbow, writing for the online world isn’t easy. That’s why Marketing ER offers web copywriting services – so we can take care of this important procedure for you. Stress less about what to say as we choose words for your website that are search engine friendly and conversion oriented. We help you get your copywriting right by:

  • Taking care of the important nitty gritty including title tags and meta descriptions.
  • Improving your site structure in terms of navigation and page content .
  • Optimising on-page copy with appropriate keywords.
  • Creating effective offers and compelling calls to action.
  • Providing regular blog copywriting services .